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  • AdwarePro is a fake anti adware software
  • AdwarePro displays numerous fake threats and warnings
  • The program has to be manually downloaded and installed
  • It prompts user to purchase paid version to remove threats
  • Aimed at making money

What is AdwarePro?

AdwarePro is a fake antispyware program. The program has to be manually downloaded and installed. As soon as AdwarePro is installed in the system, it creates the following file to enable itself to run on startup: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run\"AdwareProMFC" = "C:\Program Files\Ad-Ware Pro\Ad-Ware Pro.exe" Once in the user system, it runs a fake scan and displays exaggerated results and frightens user to purchase its paid version.

When it runs, AdwarePro fakes system scan and displays numerous errors. It then displays numerous warning messages stating that the sytem is extremely compromised and the files need to be deleted immediately. In reality, these files are harmless. It greatly slows down and interferes with any running program. The program is downloaded as a trial version and dispalys an option to purchase the full version.AdwarePro also corrupts your system files and greatly slows down the system speed and causes frequent crashes. Such occurrences force the user to believe that the system is really compromised. The scan results window displays and option to remove the so called viruses. But once you click on it, AdwarePro prompts user to buy the full paid version of the program. This is just a gimmick by AdwarePro to make money. It is advised not to give in to these threats and to remove AdwarePro. You can follow the below removal guide.

How is AdwarePro Distributed?

  • Bundled with other freeware from other free download sites
  • Downloaded from potentially malicious websites
  • Installed in your web browsers as extension, add-on, or browser helper object
  • Malicious email attachments

Symptoms of AdwarePro Infection:

  • Numerous new windows displaying warning
  • Abnormal functioning of programs
  • Other malware detections that come coupled with AdwarePro
  • New malwares that show up which user has not installed
  • Crashing or freezing of system and/or browser
  • Problems in navigating certain sites

How To remove AdwarePro from your system:

  • Follow the below steps to ensure your PC is clean. It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you perform a backup for all your files and to create a system restore point (learn here how to do it) before performing the below steps. This is to ensure that just in case you delete the wrong file, you will have a backup/restore point to safely go back to.
  • Press CTRL + Shift + ESC to launch the Task Manager.
  • Click on processes tab. Click on any file that seems related to AdwarePro and select End Process.
  • If you are using a Windows 8, on the main screen you will find an option ‘Search’. Type in “Control Panel”. If you are using a Windows 7/XP, click on start and choose Control Panel.
  • Depending on your Windows version, you will find one of these options:
    • Add or remove program
    • Programs and features
    • Programs
  • Click if you see any one of the above. Select any program relevant to AdwarePro and click on Uninstall.
  • Remove AdwarePro from the browser.
    • For Chrome you can do it by clicking on the Menu>>Tools>>Extensions and removing the related extensions.
    • For Mozilla Firefox, Press Ctrl+ Shift+ A. Select Extensions, select the add-ons related to AdwarePro and click on Disable and then on Remove.
    • For Internet Explorer, go to Tools>>Manage Add-ons. Select “Toolbars and Extensions” and disable related add-ons.

Prevent AdwarePro and other viruses with AVStrike:

Go to and choose Windows XP or Windows 7 or 8, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on free trial.

Download AVStrike and install it on your PC by following the Setup Guide.

  • After installation, you will have a shortcut key on your desktop (which you can remove). Click the icon to open the folder.
  • A small window now opens with tabs indicating Quick Scan, Custom Scan and Full Scan. You can select your preference and then click on “Scan Now”. For complete protection, Full Scan is recommended.
  • AVStrike will scan your system for threats.
  • A result page will now appear with the threats detected on your computer.
  • You can either click on Select all or highlight the threats you choose to delete and click on “Remove All”.

Your system is now free of AdwarePro and is also protected from any such malware in the future!

It is important to remove AdwarePro and such malware from your system to keep your PC safe and secure.