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Rebooting a PC is something which we all do in case of the installation of new software. We also reboot our PC when the PC is stuck, freezes or behaves in any way abnormal. Whatever the reason, it becomes a process that comes in handy many a times. Refer below to understand How to restart your Windows PC and 2 easy ways in which you can do it.

Method 1:

  1. Go to the left hand side corner bottom of your screen
  2. Click on the start menu
  3. Click on Shutdown like seen in the image
  4. Once you see the small up as seen in the image with various options like logging off, switching user etc., select 'Restart'
  5. There you go, you have just rebooted your system


Method 2:

  1. Press Alt+Ctrl+Del together
  2. A screen appears where you have options like switch user, Lock Device etc. On the right hand side please click on the Power button on the screen
  3. It would in-turn give you options like Restart, Sleep and Hibernate etc..
  4. Click on Restart.

There you go! Your PC is all fresh and rebooted.