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Welcome to Gethelp123 Q&A, where you can ask questions and receive answers from other members of the community.


How it works

Users who need answers (Askers):

  • Sign up on the website
  • Enter your question
  • Choose a category
  • Choose how much money you are willing to pay for the answer. If you have a coupon code, enter the coupon code.
  • Choose the amount of details you need
  • Choose the urgency (how soon you need it to be answered)
  • Pay the amount you chose via paypal to us. If you have a coupon code for Free Technical Support, you don't need to pay us.
  • The money will be held by us until the question is answered and you are
  • satisfied or answered and days pass with no response from you to reject it
  • If you are satisfied the expert who answered it will be paid (minus our commission)
  • If you are not satisfied the expert can choose to cancel it, in which case you will be issued a credit to use on our website
  • If you are not satisfied and the expert refuses to cancel it, then you can escalate it for us to review. we will then review all communication and decide in favor of the buyer or seller. our decision is final.
  • Users who want to make money (Experts):

  • Sign up on the website as an expert
  • You will need to provide proof of expertise
  • We will review your proof and decide if to allow you to be an expert on our website
  • Approved experts can answer questions and make money on the website
  • We take 10% off all money earned as commission
  • Experts can view all available questions in their field of expertise
  • Experts can choose to answer a question
  • Experts then post to the answer to the asker
  • The asker can cancel the question at any time before the answer is posted
  • After the answer is posted the asker can accept it and close the question or reject the answer in which case the expert will have to answer it again or cancel it and credit the asker
  • After a successful answer, once 10 days passes to clear the payment (needed due to fraud) the payment will then be cleared by us
  • After the payment is cleared and approved the expert can request a withdrawal in which case the money will be paid to the expert via paypal
  • ...