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Getting Lot of popups in my computer

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When i was trying to access my Gmail getting lot of popups in my internet explorer.
asked Aug 6, 2015 in Virus & Malware by Valerie Mckoy

4 Answers

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Hi valeri,

Seems your computer is infected. Please follow the below steps to resolve your problem

1. Run Malware bytes and Antimalware bytes to remove the infection from your computer.

2. Remove the Malicious Addons from your internet explorer

3. Reset your internet explorer

  1. Close all Internet Explorer windows that are currently open.

  2. Open the desktop, and then tap or click the Internet Explorer icon on the taskbar. Changing your settings will affect both Internet Explorer and Internet Explorer for the desktop.

  3. Tap or click the Tools button Tools, and then tap or click Internet options.

  4. Tap or Click the Advanced tab, and then tap or click Reset.

  5. In the Reset Internet Explorer Settings dialog box, tap or click Reset.

  6. When Internet Explorer finishes applying default settings, tap or click Close, and then tap or click OK. You'll need to restart your PC for these changes to take effect.

4. Clean your computer using CCleaner .






answered Aug 10, 2015 by Jacob (0 points)
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Hi Valerie,

  • You may run the JRT(Junkware removal tool ) for to remove the infection files . Before run the JRt tool Right click the tool and choose Run as administrator and run it

Follow the below link for to download the JRT tool

  • You may run the TDSS killer tool for to remove the infection files. But before you run the TDSS killer tool .choose the option called "Change Parameters " and make a check mark in Delete TDLS file option and click "Ok " then choose the option called "Scan "

Once the scan get complete, it will show any infection file are in the pc or not. If it shows means please just choose "Continue" and it will delete the infection automatically and reboot the pc

Follow the below link for to download the TDSS killer Tool



answered Nov 26, 2015 by Kempton (0 points)
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Hi Valerie ,

Run latest version of Malwarebytes in your computer to remove the malwares.

Link to download Malwarebytes:

Do make a note of the exact error pop ups and get back .

Hope you find this helpful!!!



answered Nov 30, 2015 by Davis (0 points)
edited Nov 30, 2015 by Davis
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Hello Valeri, 

Hope your Issue has been fixed, If not kindly follow the below steps to get the issue resolved. 


Download Adwcleaner  and Run it.


After the scan completes it will ask you to restart your computer, Kindly restart your computer. 






answered Dec 18, 2015 by Davis (0 points)