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facing issues with my Printer

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I'm trying to inall my new printer. Following the inst. Turn on the print to init it.  After int it doesn,t give me option to spec English as a lanf.  How to change the Printer language to English ???
asked Sep 4, 2015 in Printer by WT Groves

2 Answers

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Hi Groves,

We need the exact printer make & model number to assist you in a better way.

Would you like to change the printer control panel language? or The printer software's language, which is installed in your computer?


answered Sep 4, 2015 by Kempton (0 points)
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Hi Groves, Welcome to Gethelp,

Follow the steps below on your printer.

1. Press the Setup icon

2. Press the Preferences icon

3. Press the Language icon, and then chose your language

To provide better assistance, Let me know the name and model of the printer.

Thanks & Regards,

answered Sep 4, 2015 by Norton (0 points)