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cant log on to account

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asked Aug 27, 2015 in Email Issues by anonymous

3 Answers

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Hi, Welcome to Gethelp!

Please post the following information to assist you precisely.

Which browser/version do you use? And- have you cleared your browser cache?

Which operating system? XP, Vista, Windows 7, Mac OS X

Details of the Comcast account problem you are having.

Do you use an email client? Which one? (Eg; Windows Live mail, Outlook, a smartphone etc.)

We look forward to hearing back from you so that we can further troubleshoot this matter with you if need be.



answered Aug 27, 2015 by Norton (0 points)
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Please do check the Firewall settings and try to login again. Ensure that typing User ID and password are correct.


answered Sep 3, 2015 by Davis (0 points)
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I would like you to assist you regarding your email issue.

If you are opening an email using Browsers .Check the below settings.

Open Internet Explorer>Tools>Internet Options.

Under the Connection tab.Check for use proxy server check box

Make sure the box is unchecked.

If the box in check please uncheck it and click OK

Click on Advanced tab and click on reset.

Try to open your email now.Hope this will help.

If you are using Email Clients like,Microsoft Outlook,Windows Live Mail etc then

Check that your user name and password is correct.

Check the mail incoming server and out going server settings.

Check the port settings.

Refer the link for more server settings details:


Regards ,


answered Sep 15, 2015 by Kempton (0 points)