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am suspecting a virus on my computer. keep getting unwanted pop up messages

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i am suspecting a virus on my computer. keep getting unwanted pop up messages
asked Aug 20, 2015 in Virus & Malware by Hayley Shannon

5 Answers

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Hi Hayley, Welcome to Gethelp!

Make sure you follow this below mentioned in order so as to clean the infections with as little work as possible. The idea is that most people won't have to go any further than the first approach in order to clean their computers of active malware.

Step 1:

You should try to install Malwarebytes anti-malware program, which will clean your PC from malware, ad-ware and pop-ups.

Step 2:

Update and run any anti-virus (AV), anti-trojan (AT) and anti-spyware (AS) products you already have installed on your computer. Do full scans of your computer.

Record exactly the malware names, and file names and locations, of any malware the scans turn up. Quarantine then cure (repair, rename or delete) any malware found.

Step 3:

Please do refer the below mentioned links to troubleshoot this Pop-up issue:


Thanks & Regards,


answered Aug 20, 2015 by Norton (0 points)
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Hi Hayley

If you are facing virus and pop ups in browser like advertisements and Redirecting webpages, Please follow these steps

- Please Go ahead and Download Malwarebytes using this Link and Ran Quick scan

- After Completing Malwarebytes Quick scan and Restart the computer

- Please Go ahead and Download AdwCleaner using this Link

- Click Scan from Adwcleaner, After completing that scan option from Adwcleaner then Click Clean icon from AdwCleaner .

- Restart the computer and Check your browsers are able to access without pop ups now

Hope, This will work for you



answered Sep 6, 2015 by Kempton (0 points)
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Hi  Hayley

Use  the tool Jrt and scan your computer for any junkwares,adware, toolbars, and potentially unwanted programs (PUPs) from your computer, download the Jrt  from the below link

Hope you find this helpful !!!



answered Nov 17, 2015 by Kempton (0 points)
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Hi Hayley ,

Follow this link to get rid of the pop ups manually

Make sure that you create a restore point before proceeding.

In case of any trouble do revert.


answered Nov 20, 2015 by Jacob (0 points)
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Hi Hayley

I would like to suggest you to follow these steps to remove the virus infections from your computer.

-Download and run Junk ware removal tool and restart the

-Run a malware scan using malware bytes anti malware-

-Restart the computer

-Reset your browsers For Internet Explorer.

-Open Internet Explorer and click on tools.

-Click on Internet options and click on advanced tab.

-Click on Reset

For Google Chrome first remove the extensions.

-Open Google Chrome

-At the far right, inline with the address bar, click the Menu icon Google Chrome Menu icon 

-Click on settings and at the left side you will see extensions

-Click on extensions and click on delete for all unknown extensions.

-Then click on settings and scroll down to click on show advance settings.

-Scroll down and click on the reset option to reset chrome


For Mozilla Firefox:

-Open Mozilla Firefox

-At the top above the address right click on the grey portion and select menu bar.

-Click on help from and select troubleshoot information.

-Click on refresh Firefox and click on finish

Install ad blocker on all browsers using the

-Restart the computer and check your browsers and computer now.

Hope these steps will help you to remove the virus infections from your computer and you can use your computer freely again.



answered Nov 27, 2015 by Kempton (0 points)