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asphalt plant suppliers

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HLB series of asphalt mixing plant, designed on basis of our decades of on-site experience and advanced foreign technology, is a package equipment specially used for production of asphalt mixtures which can be used for construction and maintenance work of high graded road, ports and airfield runways. Characteristics as high efficiency, high precision, high stability and high scalability enabled the plant to be one of the most ideal choice for asphalt pavement construction.
Main technical features
1.Modular design. Every modular is designed in accordance with the road transport requirements on width and height. It is convenient and easy for transportation, layout, moving and installation.
2.The tooth type wide ladder and platform made through punching technology, improved layout and humanization design ensued the reliability and easy maintenance of equipment.
3.Design with humanization warning for safety and maintenance ensured the highest safety for operators and equipment during production.
4.Good wear-resistant materials and anti-wearing design can greatly improve the lifespan of equipment and reduce the cost of maintenance.
5.High sealing ability and good sealing structure ensured the long lifespan of bearing and less lubricating requirements.
6.Low position design of storage tank largely reduced the floor space occupation. No design for mixtures lifting mechanism will reduce the failure rate of equipment.
7.Introduced straight-line vibrating screen with imported motor improved the screening efficiency and reduced the equipment failure rate; The aggregate lifting mechanism is supported by double row plate chain. The lift span of lifting mechanism will be prolonged.
8.Optimize drying drum and specially designed blending tank enabled mixing work to be easy, efficient and reliable; Reserved hot in-place recycler interface and be applied for later usage.
9.Large display screen can be controlled automatically by computer or manually. Operation for fault alarm and self-diagnosis are also very easy.
Rated   productivity160t/h240t/h240t/h320t/h
Installed   capacity436kw597kw600kw750kw
Cold   bin
Cold   bin capacity
Filling   width
Filling   height
Fuel   and consumption
light  or heavy fuel ≤6.5kg/t;
Natural   gas ≦7.5m³/t; Coal ≦14kg/t
Vibrating   screen
5 layer 5  layer 6 layer 6 layer
Measuring   accuracy
Aggregate ±0.3%; Asphalt  ±0.2%;Filler ±0.2%
Blending   bin capacity
Mixture   bin capacity
Dust   emission concentration
Environmental   noise≤80dB
Noise   in control room
≤70dBasphalt plant suppliers
asked Sep 12, 2018 in Gethelp123 by djksjk

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