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CR1216 CR Battery Made in China

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Our History
As the high demand over both traditional and innovative energy solutions, our company started to produce high-end batteries in 2010 to meet long term demands of the customers. After its establishment, CEBA Battery set out a wide range of primary and rechargeable batteries with an excellent customer service and moved the headquarters from Hong Kong to China's Silicon Valley, Shenzhen City. With our professional sales team and customer service, we supply battery, energy solutions and power sources internationally with a worldwide shipping option at the best quality. Our brand offers high quality and environmentally friendly products to the customers with an expert team. Containing no cadmium, mercury or lead, our product selection offers alkaline, carbon zinc, lead acid, Li-Ion, LiPo, Ni-Cd, Ni-mh, LiFePO4, ER batteries and CR button cell batteries as battery cell products, hybrid car batteries, sweeper robot batteries, home appliance batteries, military equipment batteries and power tool batteries as battery packs and specially designed high performance power banks for your different needs. Either you are a personal consumer or need specially crafted battery products, also we will cover your needs with our OEM solutions upon request.
Our Factory
We do care about our customers needs thus we are always seeking the latest technology to implement and therefore we invest more than half million USD per year only in R&D and the consistently pleasant feedback of our customers prove that our service for battery market has gone beyond then the usual expectations. Settled down in Shenzhen City, our factories boost the state-of-the-art equipment to meet the demands of our customers with the latest production systems.
Our Product
We produce both rechargeable and primary batteries including Li-Ion, Li-Polymer, LiFePO4, Nickel-Metal Hydride batteries along with Lithium, button type, Lithium Manganese Dioxide, Lithium Thionyl Chloride, Zinc-Air, Zinc-Chloride batteries.
Product Application
Battery for premium products, toys, remote controls, flashlights, clocks, keyboards, mouses, watches, hybrid cars, home appliance products, sweeper robots, scooters, e-vehicles, walkie talkies, power tools, power banks, speakers, police equipment etc.
Our Certificate
Production Market
Battery, hybrid car battery, power bank, energy solutions, consumer electronics, power sources, wholesale rechargeable and primary batteries.
Our Service
Our main goal is to combine high end product manufacturing with a unique customer experience supported by an expert team with the best prices among battery suppliers in China. We do care about our shipment process, after sales and communication channels as much as our well manufactured products and we offer our customers high end consumer and industrial batteries created by the years of experience in combining the best quality and reliable cooperation based on mutual professionalism.CR1216 CR Battery Made in China
asked May 27, 2018 in Gethelp123 by anonymous

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