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China solder dip manufacturers

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Yuen Cheng (HK) International Company Limited was established in Hong Kong in April 2005. We offer the PCB,PCBA,OEM/ODM and help our oversea customers to manage the supply chain in China. The company has two factories in shenzhen, one is a professional production PCB factory, and the other is a professional manufacturer of PCBA, ODM/OEM and supply chain management.
The 1st factory is a circuit board manufacturing plant located in Shenzhen near the BaoAn airport. We have over 500 staff on this factory the capacity is 65000 square meters per month. The PCB includes the single-side, double-side and multilayer rigid boards. We also help to build the flexible boards for some customers. Our boards are widely used in automotive electronics, LED lighting products, TV back-lighting, industrial controls, computer motherboards, mobile phones ,security electronics and other consumer electronics. We can meet all the surface finish require such as the HASL/LF,OSP, immersion gold, flash gold(gold finger),hard gold, chem.-tin/silver, carbon and peelmask.
The 2nd plant is the PCBA, OEM/ODM manufactory which located in BaoAn, Shenzhen city and total over 300 staff. We also help our oversea customers to manage the supply chain in China. The factory have 10 assembly lines, 30 sets of the SMT machines. The total monthly turnover is over  7.5 million from the beginning of 2017. Over 11 years of OEM/OEM experience, we can provide customers with fast production, low price parts and good quality service.  Our major markets are in the USA, Europe and East countries currently. The products such as the set-up box, Wi-Fi products , blue tooth products, radio alarm clock, LED products and etc.China solder dip manufacturers
asked May 6, 2018 in Gethelp123 by anonymous

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