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Bulk PET film release liner

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Base on PET film, either coated with release agents like organic silicone on one side or double sides. PET release film has many natural features, such as Moisture Proof, Anti-Static, hot or cold peel and etc. Meanwhile, PET release film can be used in lots of places, such as being release paper for adhesive and protective film, also being ideal materials of die-cutting.
Width : 950mm-1300mm
Thickness : 16-125μm
Release Values : easy, medium, tight
Silicone technology : solvent - free, solvent
1Die Cutting2Package Electronic Product3Adhesive Tape
4Medicated Plaster5Heat Transfer Sticker6Etc.
We have been researching the new technology and trying to produce the best PET release film. Besides, we have the efficient production control system also the professional customer service team.
Packing and slitting
Individual packing and slitting possibilities on customer's demand (reel width, linear meters per reel or sqm, core diameter)
Free sample:
Paper samples will be offered if customer want to test quality.
GalleryBulk PET film release liner
asked Apr 18, 2018 in Windows 10 by hplhpl

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