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Automatic case packers factory

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ST-6030AH+SM-6040 Auto (PE) Tidy & Shrink Packager
ST-6030AH is suitable for such products as pop-top, bottles, beer, mineral water, drinks, daily commodity and so on. It will supply counting, full-column automatic shrink without tray. ST-6030AH is suitable for dentifrice, soap, and medicine packing. Working with PE Shrink tunnel, the goods will be packed perfect. Applicable to PVC and PE shrink film.
ST-6030AH, It is piling, wrapping, sealing, shrinking, and cooling automatically. The whole producing process adopt the Germany advanced technology base on European standard. The electrical units are chosen from international famous companies. Such as: OMRON、SICK、NORGREN、MITSUBISHI and so on. The packed goods is neatness, compact, suitable for long transport.
Technique Parameter
Horizontal Height and length of infeed Conveyor850±50mm/1500mm
Max packing dimensionL600×W300×H300mm
Packing Speed8-18pcs/min
Rated Power1Φ/220V/50Hz/2KW
Shrink time/temperature0.5-1.5S/0-0.6S/0-250℃
Width of the Film/thickMAX600mm/0.04~0.12mm
Gross weight600kgAutomatic case packers factory
asked Apr 18, 2018 in Windows 10 by hplhpl

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